Pinflux Review

Pinflux Review: #1 Pinterest Automation Tool for Traffic of 2017

Hey there! It’s a cool day here in my place and I have just got a Pinflux review access. That’s so nice of Cyril Jeet since it’s an issue for me that many friends of mine have been asking about this software. Well, here we are with the detailed look at Pinflux’s functions to see what it really has inside. So, if you are asking yourself “”should I buy Pinflux or not?” this post is the thing you need.(aGB Review)

Pinflux review
Pinflux Review

Implied in its name, Pinflux is all about your social engagement on Pinterest. Now, you may already know that this social network is in top 3 fastest growing traffic sources for brands, e-com sites, bloggers, and online marketers. This fact leads to the results that if you don’t know how to exploit this place, you are not using the maximum potential of online marketing.

Pinterest holds in its network over 200 million active users per month, meaning this is where to find a huge flood of customers. People are getting bored with Facebook and its ads, so they become more interested in Pinterest and Instagram.

However, since the network is untapped, there are not many software helps you automatically make the process work. I mean some digital product may guide you through steps to make your boards pinned, but there’s rarely something for automation.

Luckily, Pinflux is such a new and great tool that does all your tasks on automation by just a couple of setting steps. It also includes many powerful and handy tools inside its feature list to help you deal with competitors more effectively.

Check my Pinflux review down below to see what you need and get my evaluation of its functions and features.

Pinflux Review – Product Summary

  • Creator: Cyril Jeet
  • Launch Date: Jun 19, 2017
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Official Price: $27-$37
  • Recommend: 100% Recommended
  • Customer Support: Fast and Effective

What is Pinflux?

Pinflux is the next generation social boosting software for websites and blogs which focuses on Pinterest with 200+ million users. While the potential of Pinterest is huge, Pinflux helps you to find content, automate the tasks, and drive endless floods of traffic to wherever you want.

Why is Pinflux special? It’s not just another Pinterest tool, but a powerful software for automation of all works on Pinterest. The traffic coming from this social network is 100% free and organic, so the chance for big percentage of buyers is promisingly high.

So how does Pinflux deliver its promised results? Let’s check the feature list of Pinflux review below to see it closer.

Key Features of Pinflux

Here are the best things I saw when trying Pinflux for a few Pinterest account of mine. Let’s check them out:

Multiple Boards and IDs

You can have Pinflux doing all works for you from just a single interface. Pinflux allows you to connect all your Pinterest IDs and schedule works throughout all accounts and boards. This is the time saver and also the efficiency booster for your business.

Fresh Content Pinning Automation

Pinflux automatically pins your new and fresh content on top so your boards are updated with trendy and hot content every day. Your visitors will always find it interesting to click and join your boards, which leverages your daily traffic eventually.

Powerful Keyword Search Technology

The software automatically searches and finds the trendiest content from Pinterest and other sources for you. This helps your boards to get filled with interesting topics every hour. Pinflux’s search function can does the job with any niche so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Automatically Following Top Profiles

This software recognize your niche from your keywords. Then, it will find and follow the top profiles in those niches to get the content and re-pin to your boards, making sure your content is also in hottest topics. Everything is also on automation.

Unfollow Automation Function

If there are profiles not following you back, Pinflux also automatically unfollows for you so your profile is always clean.

Like And Activity Automation

The software is also let you schedule and automate all tasks of liking and other activities. Pinflux does things all for you with just some simple steps to set it up.

How Does Pinflux Work?

It’s simple to work with Pinflux and automate your daily tasks. Even newbies can get used to this software in the matter of minutes. The instruction is clear, and there is manual support if you need more help.

After connecting and verifying your account with Pinflux, you just have to insert keywords and schedule your board activities from withint the software.

Check the demo video right below to see it in action:

Who should use Pinflux?

The best targeted users for Pinflux is e-com sellers and bloggers. In general, if you want to promote anything or driving more targeted traffic to any destination, Pinflux does it for you with huge number of users on Pinterest.

Therefore, the software is also recommended for affiliates, online marketers, product creators, and so on.

Pinflux Review – Pros and Cons

The Pros of Pinflux

  • Good automation works for various niches
  • 100% free social and organic traffic
  • Fast and effective support manual actions

The Cons of Pinflux

It’s designed only for Pinterest

My Verdict

Pinflux’s functions are not too surprising, but the automation power of it is huge. While Cyril Jeet emphasizes its automation features, he did a good job of making it effective. I personally like this tool and saw that it works very well through a few test with my accounts. The price is also reasonable though.

Pinflux Review Conclusion

The Front-end version of Pinflux is available on Jun 19, 2017, at the starting price of $27 only. This is the starting price of a dime sale which increases after each copy sold. The final price will be $37. So, if you want to get your best deal of Pinflux, make your decision soon and remember to get it through the official sales page below.

This is the end of my Pinflux review. If you run into any trouble buying or using this software, get your support from Cyril Jeet or contact me through this page. Thank you for reading!

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