Basic Backlink Building Guide

This is a pretty long article on how to build backlink SEO basics for niche site.

Search engine optimization or SEO, a word too short and simple, but the more simple, the SEO work is more complicated. The only goal is how to get the highest position on search results pages (SERPs). However, from the early days of the internet, the algorithms of the search engines have changed a lot so that pulling on SEO work or to a lesser extent this article refers to it as backlinking also change the method non-stop. Most of the techniques that link a link massively or rather than the current time called spam links are not effective. This article will help you learn how to quickly rank high for the keywords you need SEO in general or SEO niche site in detail, this step only proceeds when you have researched the appropriate keywords.

In fact, the new niche SEO site is the hardest part when you choose to make money with niche site. Choosing keywords is easy, but the fact is that if you have more than one person, they can help you choose keywords, niche, niche SEO. Who can help you by SEO requires long time but not in day one two.

People who make niche site are many, but not everyone succeeds, putting a whole new niche from zero to high position on the chart not everyone can do, many people at the very beginning. Excitement but later on, there is no escape because of the problem of “can not be SEO”. For that reason I decided to write this article hoping to sum up how I build backlink for any one NEW NICHE SITE. You can look at it as a recipe, as well as experience, or as a trick … but with this method I apply to any niche site that I build after I’ve chosen the right keyword, and Of course, this is a good way to do this.

Important step before starting any niche site

You may already know too much about the things listed below but systematically and for beginners, it is important to reiterate:

SEO is based on the competition of keywords that need SEO

Keyword research is an extremely important step in building a successful niche site. If you find the keyword easy SEO, you will not need too many backlink and still be able to put keywords on high rankings.

The biggest mistake of SEO beginners niche site is that they think backlink is the most important thing in SEO, this fact is easy to understand because every time they mention SEO offpage, they will immediately discuss backlink.

But in fact, they over-emphasize backlink building and ignore or do not do well one more important step that needs to be done before is keyword research.

If you do not do keyword research well, you will hardly be able to improve your niche site ranking. By simple, highly competitive keywords are big companies spending $ 10-20k to maintain rankings every month, Of course you do not want to spend that money to compete with them with just one niche site earning several hundred dollars a month.

For many people, keyword research can be a very difficult job, but in practice there are a lot of keywords that have not been exploited, your job is to find it and it will make you money.

Because of the close association between keyword research and link building, to ensure you do well keyword research before implementing keyword research in accordance with this guide.

Link building rules

If you are a person who has learned about SEO before then you can skip this part but if you are just starting out, catch on from the basics.

What is Backlink?

Understand simple, backlink is the link from other websites pointing to your website.

Google rankings of a website based on the number and quality of the backlink pointing to that website (each backlink is considered a credibility of others for you).

The problem is not that there is so much credibility, you will become credible. Many people believe that many backlinks will help improve the rankings of the website so they build countless backlinks pointing to their website from wherever possible.

That’s called spam link. Just like the credibility you get from America will be different from the credibility you get from Korea. Or if you do not get the credit of a good teacher and get thousands of supporters from thousands of black people, then surely you will be considered a black society like them.

Therefore, the first thing you need to understand, many backlink is not good but the quality backlink is the decisive.

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How does Google evaluate the quality of backlink?

Google’s algorithm is getting smarter and changing. What Google is targeting is the experience of internet users. Google values ​​quality content and likes natural backlinks.

So, what do we need to pay attention to?

  1. The diversity of backlink
  2. Speed ​​up backlink
  3. Natural anchor text

The diversity of backlink

If all the links pointing to your website is from a single website or only one anchor but the bulk, google will not consider it a natural link and that is true. You do this for the purpose of increasing the number of backlink pointing  but accidentally losing nature, with extremely large numbers and backlink pointing  from many sites but the same link and an anchor text, this case may be listed as spam Link.

Speed ​​up backlink

You build the number of 100 backlink pointing to your website for how long, the amount of backlink increase over time is also interested. If you have a new website and immediately after only one day you have 1000 backlink pointing it is considered an unnatural link build. This is the reason why the previous product site launch or buy this form of link to rank the keyword but will be punished later.

If this month you do not build any link but next month you have thousands of links, it is also considered unnatural. No answer to the question how many link a day or a month is enough but surely too much should not and should be maintained regularly, can increase day by day, should not increase or decrease suddenly.

Natural anchor text

This is a very important part so you will be covered in detail below.

What is anchor text?

Anchor is the text that contains the link. For example, one article on contains one sentence: Make money online with niche sites are popular in New York

Then under the “niche site” text that contains the url of the article at and “niche site” is called the anchor text.

Google relies on anchor text to determine what the url says and what kind of keyword it should take into account when considering that url.

Previously, SEOs could use this to use anchor text as all the keywords they wanted to promote.

For example: I want the website to rank high with the keyword “review” and from there I build backlink to all but where on the internet with url and anchor “review”.

But nowadays, if you do so, your link will be considered unnatural.

Anchor Text Ratio

If you do link building work, you must definitely do well to diversify the anchor text.

The anchor text is divided into four categories, and the usual proportions are equally divided:

  • 25% Brand Name
  • 25% Naked URL
  • 25% Keyword Sandwich (should not repeat many times)
  • 25% Miscellaneous

I will explain each of these anchor text:

Brand Name: aGB Review, Smart Passive Income, Review with aGB Review, … brand.

Naked URL:,, are naked anchor text.

Naked urls are considered natural links because most people who want to link to your website will use a website address instead of a keyword. This is also the reason why choosing the domain name for the niche site should be chosen according to the keyword.

Keyword Sandwich:

Niche site

Product launch

Make money with dropship

Make money with teespring

Typically, a niche site will not have many main keywords and anchor text will be these keywords. So if you do not repeat several anchors (main keyword) then how to build a large number of links?

I will use the structure of an anchor as follows:

[Random words] + main keyword + [random words]

Some examples:

Build niche site make money

Make money with niche site

What is teespring

This is the way to optimize and diversify the anchor, in this way, you will not repeat too many anchors with the main keyword machine way, of course your link will be more natural. This is also one of the reasons we should look for longtail keyword, long keywords will be easier SEO, usually to SEO 1 keyword difficult, need to go from its long variants.

Miscellaneous Anchor Text:

These are the anchors like: read more, read more, click here, read more, …

Linking with miscellaneous anchor text is also considered a natural link.

Sort link quality

High quality links: These are anchor links with keyword sandwich and are placed:

On another website (will be described in What is high quality link).

Link from Private Blog Network (will be discussed later).

Good Link: Blog Comments: Use Brand Name, naked,

Common Links: Links from Web 2.0 and social networks, using Brand Name, Naked URL, and Miscellaneous.

What is high-quality Backlink?

When considering backlink services, you will consider how it is linked. So what determines the quality of a backlink?

  1. Link from page with high authority, high pr
  2. Link from related website
  3. Link is placed in the contextual post, not the fixed link footer or sidebar
  4. Link placed on page with low link out

When page A has a link to page B, it passes authority from A to B. So if page A has only one link, page B will get 100%, if page A has 50 links, Will be divided equally and so page B only receives 2%.

What is high-quality Backlink?

You already understand what is high quality link, now can go to the next step, build link.

Build link

What you need to track daily:

  • Ranking
  • Date build link
  • URLs of pages where you build link
  • Anchor text of the links already build.

You can use Market Samurai, (free 10 keywords), … to track data.

Each page only focuses on one keyword only, if you need to SEO 2 keywords should use two different pages. Also distinguish two main keywords other than two variants of the same keyword

Step 1: Start

Research good keywords, do good SEO onpage, quality content and long (page for the main key can take 3000-4000 words / article with niche site), put 3 high quality link with the said criteria. On top of that, your keyword will have to deliver good signals, the lowest ranking must be from page 3 google upwards in 2 weeks.

If you do not achieve this result, 1 you need to choose better keywords, 2 is the job will be much harder. Note, page 3 in 2 weeks is not difficult but page 1 is difficult.

The purpose of actively monitoring the change of keyword ranking in the first two weeks, whether page 3 or not, is to see whether the ability to put that keyword on the top is feasible.

Where to get 3 high quality links?

The criteria of the link you buy at least satisfy:

  1. Low amount of outbound links (less than 30)
  2. No spam (porn / gambling / ugg boots)
  3. Link on homepage PR 2-5 or higher
  4. 30+ Page Authority
  5. 3.5+ MozRank
  6. 5.0+ MozTrust
  7. Get Google index

Where to check the above information?

Page Rank Checker:

Page Authority Checker:

MozRank Checker:

MozTrust Checker:

How much should you pay?

PR 3 – $ 10 / month

PR 4 – $ 20 / month

PR 5 – $ 30 / month

With a link from site pr5 – $ 30 / month if your keyword is not ranked from page 3 or above for 2 weeks, stop the service and switch to another keyword.

Your keyword did not make it to page 3 for 2 weeks why?

  • Paid link is not strong enough
  • Need to redo keyword research step

This step 1 seems a bit expensive with some of you do not dare to invest heavily, however in the long run this should be done by simply helping us remove the BAD niche with keywords that very It is hard to rank, spend time and do not give up when pursued for so long.

Also this step shows how important keyword research is.

Also do not hurry to step 2 if the keyword you choose failed step 1, would rather fail in the first 2 weeks than give up after 6 months!

Step 2: Authority Comments

The benefits of commenting on blogs in addition to exchanges are that up to 70% of blog comments aim to get backlinks from the authority site to increase authority for the site to rank.

Although most comment blogs usually point to a no-follow link (the google bot will not index this link) but these links will still be valid when it will divert authority and relevance to your site.

The benefit is that the blog comment link will bring traffic from the site related to your website.

Below are tips and how to comment effectively.

Blog comment must be made MANUALLY! Do not use bots or any other way, spam everywhere, where you can comment and place any link can only harm your work.

It is not too important that link blog comment is dofollow or nofollow also does not have to comment right from the niche you choose but must ensure the relevance.

Find blogs to comment

Type in google search box under the following syntax:

Keyword “comment here” (e.g. health tips “comment here”)

Keyword “add comment”

Keyword “submit comment”

Keyword “add url”

Keyword “submit url”

Keyword “submit a site”

You should use your name for comment approval.


Do not put the link + anchor in the comments because it’s not like you tell them you are building link and comment will not be accepted.

Do-follow blogs are too good but usually you will not find such blogs because that’s where thousands of spam comments come in every day and no one maintains a blog for spammers to ramp up. No-follow is okay, the purpose of the comment is to build authority.

Comment content should be related to the content of the page to comment easy to post.

So in week 3 you get 20 comments on high pr and approved sites.

Track rank, you can see the keyword dance phenomenon, can be promoted or demoted but the keyword is not yet to page 1, it is still very normal in the third week.

Step 3: Web 2.0

Week 4

Web 2.0 is a free blogging platform such as:


These web 2.0s allow for do-follow link and have high domain authority.

  • Choose url contains keyword, not too complicated, if your niche related to weight loss, just have this keyword in the url is okay.
  • Choose a simple template or find the best free template for SEO onpage, write title, des like when you perform SEO onpage for the main site.
  • Content Creation: You can write for yourself but for the simplest of hiring writing at iwriter. Just 3-4 articles / web and in each post, 2 links point to the main site: 1 link to the anchor context in the article, 1 link to the image in the article and 1 link to another site. Have high pr and same topic.

Remember that creating a single web 2.0 will not be enough to rank your keyword on the top 1, web 2.0 as much as possible.

Step 4: Social Profile Links

Using social networks is a great way to build your authority, with hundreds of social networks, you can repeat this work with as many social networks as possible, not all but minimal must do with Facebook, G +, Twitter and Youtube.

The thing to do is to create a page that serves your niche site.

Select the category that suits your niche, then to the most important job that is providing the information you need, you are doing 1 important thing rather than having to do!

The About page will be google indexed so you need to pay special attention and write content for this page, optimizing your primary keyword.

Make sure you paste your website url into both the url for the site and the short description.

The next step is to add profile photo and cover image, your page will not professional without the above elements or images but only through the speaker, not related to the content page.

This is done with Facebook, followed by repeating the above work with Twitter, Youtube, and Google+:

You do not have to worry about how many fans or followers there are, the main job here is to make links to your site naturally, professionally, build authority.

If you have done well in steps 1-4 but your keywords are still on page 2-3 then the keywords you choose belong to the kind of hard competition, need to have longer time or stronger link.

Step 5: Private Blog Network

Make good steps 1-4 can put your keyword into the top 10 but to put that keyword to the top # 1 you have to take this step 5.

Before performing this step, you need to make sure that:

  • Make good keyword research
  • Make good on-page basic optimization
  • There are 3 high quality backlinks as above criteria
  • Built authority with blog comment
  • Increase trust with social links

Actually, the goal in step 5 is to increase the backlink of high quality as mentioned above so you can buy this link if you have the source without having to manually build the satellite site itself. Build a satellite site that will help you decide for yourself the quality of the link, serve the purpose later, for other sites, …

Benefits of building PBN

  1. Save more than buying links (in the long run).
  2. There are links from various sources (variety of backlink)
  3. Get the anchor text as diverse as you like
  4. Self-built link will get long-term links, from sources completely related to the main site content.
  5. If you no longer use PBN, you can sell it.

Why not buy as in step 1?

Many readers when you come here to ask questions, anyway lose money so why not buy fast?

Step 1 is to determine if your keyword is likely to rank on the top or not, when the results are feasible, you will not have to pay out monthly fees for those links but instead link From PBN, long-term goals and savings are here.

Find expired domain names related to your niche

A lot of people are only interested in the domain expiration of the domain name but ignore the research on how the domain name is related to their niche. This is something to be avoided, just as if you were linking to a product launch site, maybe one day you would complete or buy thousands of links to your site and be bound for a day in the top 1 but for a long time, Definitely will die because most of the links you buy or put are from everywhere on the internet and rarely related to your niche.

Where do domain names expire?

Expired / Auction Lists -Free -Free -Free -Free -Free

Http:// -Free -Free -Free -Free

Http:// -Paid $ 27 -Paid $ 30 Per Month

Let’s start with


Enter the keyword you want to find related to your niche, select ABY (the first five sites with this domain name are created), the longer the domain name is appreciated by the authority and trust  higher than the new domain (not always because there are exceptions).

Buy Expired Domains

Another criterion to pay attention to is the BL and DP prices of the domain


PR: At first, you only care about domain names with PR in blue, other colors may be fake PR, but you can check PR in many places on the internet.

The strength and relevance of backlink placement: If you analyze only a few domains, you can use

You will check the PR of the page where the backlink points to the domain to be examined, how to place the link and anchor text. Even if the link is not in the article but only in the comments but it is a comment, the high PR page also has some value.

Especially avoid the domain has many backlink but you find out that the link is going in the form of spam.

Domain quality is classified as follows:

View Expired Domains

Citation Flow and Trust Flow can be checked with the add on of Majestic SEO

The next step is to check if the domain you want to buy is Google index or not.

Site: has 1 result, this indicates the domain is indexed.

Info: to check if the domain is penalize or de-index or not, without any results, meaning that the domain was penalize or de-index, should not buy that domain.

For example de-index domain:




Many of you will care about this first because there is always a good rule, good and expensive goods are almost discarded to afford, so should find the domain name for PBN always difficult and lose much. time.

Assuming you have up to 10 PBNs per asthma related niche, it will not be difficult to rank any niche niche site in the top 10, but if you spend too much money on this niche you can not afford it. .

Domain price is considered moderate if not de-index, backlink not from spam source and:

PR 1: about $ 20- $ 30

PR 2 or 3: about $ 50- $ 100

PR 4 or 5: about $ 200- $ 300

Often the PR1 domain as the example above only costs the same as the price of the new domain so there is no difficulty to buy such domain names.

Once you have a domain name, the step you need to do is buy hosting and install wordpress, update content, it is important to link to the money site at homepage.

Some notes:

  • Only link from PBN to the homepage of the money site and not link between the satellite sites together, will be google detected.
  • Use separate hosting for each site, in fact you can buy cheap and small hosting packages or ask your friends for each satellite site because this site requires very little bandwidth and bandwidth.
  • Use different themes for each satellite site and if possible use different plugins for each site
  • Use proxies or other computers to post to each site


There are not too many secrets here, if you always ask the question why you have done it all, but your niche site still can not get high rankings, this article is a scientific way of rewriting, If you do well the steps above, make sure your keywords will have a high ranking and stability.

When your keyword is in high position, you will not be too hard to maintain rankings because the link is your own build and it brings long-term stability.

When I first started doing SEO, I used to think that only a large amount of backlink can rank the keyword, so I look for packages in fiverr or SEOclerks, … but then I concluded the number Your link should be number 3!

Some common questions:

Need to use tool to build link?

I do not use the tool and I do it completely by hand, I see the use of link pump tool is similar to spam link.

Do I need to ping for each link?

No, you do not need to do this, this is personal opinion because you do not ping ever.

Finally, if you have any more questions, please comment or email yourself.


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