Rocket Contact Review

Rocket Contact Review: Unique Lead Generation Tool For Businesses

Hey there and welcome to my Rocket Contact review today! Recently, my friends have been asking me about this software and they want me to check if it is really good to use. Well then, here it is. My Rocket Contact review right down here will give you the review access to its system and know everything you need.

Rocket Contact review
Rocket Contact review

The first to mention, the idea of Rocket Contact is unique and pretty cool. It will help you search for businesses of the exact location range you input, then connect to them with your scheduled messages.

Amazing, right? I means if you are a sales executive and you have to find as many customers as possible, this tool will do you a favor. Instead of spending 10 hours a day running around and knocking every door of businesses, now you have this tool to do it totally on automation.

Building leads without knowing if they will answer you or not is a waste. Rocket Contact takes one step further and narrow the list to the most targeted and passionate customers who are willing to pay you money for your solutions.

To know how this powerful software can do that, please check my Rocket Contact review right down here to see what’s inside.

Rocket Contact Review – Summary

  • Creator: Jeff Herschy
  • Launch Date: May 15, 2017
  • Launch Time: 13:00 EDT
  • Official Price: $47
  • Recommend: 100% recommended
  • Customer Response: Fast and Effective

What is Rocket Contact?

Rocket Contact is the next generation lead and contact builder that will save you tons of time finding and connecting to your customers. This focuses mainly on businesses who have the target customers of other businesses.

This B2B method will find the exact kind of businesses can companies you want to contact and convert them into you customers. You will no longer have to pay thousands of dollar for employees to search for business partners.

To see full details of this special software, check my Rocket Contact review of tis features right below.

Key Features of Rocket Contact

The following list is just the features that I like in this software. There are many more functions and if you want to see them, check the official sales page below to see all of them.

Now, we’re getting to the main features of Rocket Contact:

Reach All Businesses on Your Location

Rocket Contact allows you to set a location range and contact all businesses in that range. You can set a pre-made template of message. After finding the list of businesses located in the range, Rocket Contact will send the message to all businesses automatically and report the results back to you. It will also cover all information available of the businesses so you can use for analytics.

Email Campaign Follow-Up Manager

Normally, Rocket Contact will use the contact form of businesses’ websites to send message to them. But just in case, if there’s no contact form or submission form, you can use the email campaign manager as the secondary method. Rocket Contact email manager can send email follow-ups to the contact emails of those businesses. Of course, you have all rights to edit the follow-up messages.

Website Lists Upload

Rocket Contact is not just about a contact finder. It also helps you connect directly to your existing customers. You can upload the website lists of your business partners and Rocket Contact will allow you to send mass messages to the whole list.

Only Verified Submissions Are Counted

The credits of your Rocket Contact account will be counted only if there’s a verified submission. If the submission is not successful, your credit will stay the same. And you will have to give up no credit for multiple emails to a mutual partner.

Detailed Lead Reporting and Analytics

You will get all information you need inside the reports and analytics. The first report is about the website contacts including the website, address, and phone number. The second report is the results of your campaign.

Export or Send Data of Contacts

Using the inbuilt Postmark and Zapier APIs, Rocket Contact allows you to send the fresh leads to your own CRM. The leads can also go to other autoresponder platforms for contact nurturing and follow-ups.

How Does Rocket Contact Work?

The process to use Rocket Contact to get fresh new leads is totally easy. Check the below steps for recommendation:

  • Step 1: Create and new campaigns and Choose the location
  • Step 2: Create your profiles and contact messages
  • Step 3: Submit your work and wait for Rocket Contact doing the job

Check the Rocket Contact demo video below to see it by yourself:

Who should use Rocket Contact?

The Rocket Contact software is built for companies who are looking for a wide range of customers. It bases on the B2B formula and the pricing is quite high so I think it’s the best fit for businesses. This can save your businesses thousands of dollar for finding customers every month.

Rocket Contact Review – Pros and Cons

The Pros of Rocket Contact

  • Unique idea and effective system
  • A lot of supporting features and functions
  • Great support from the creator team

The Cons of Rocket Contact

The monthly credits is quite limited and you cannot buy more except upgrading to a higher plan.

My Verdict

Overall, I find Rocket Contact a very effective tool with the most unique idea I have seen for find leads. This is an ultimate money and time saver which can replace about 3-4 employees in your companies for searching business partners. I will definitely secure my Rocket Contact account for the next business of mine.

Rocket Contact Review Conclusion

Rocket Contact is available on May 15, 2017, at the very discount price of $47. This is just a limited time offer in the launch time and the price will go up instantly after that.

So, if you want to get Rocket Contact for your business, you should take action as soon as possible. To secure your Rocket Contact account today, click the following button to go to Rocket Contact official website.

This is the end of my Rocket Contact review. If you have any problems with your purchase, contact me for the fast solution. Thank you for reading!

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